Activities in Chapingo

15th - 16th of Nov. 2017, Texcoco de Mora, Estado de México

Keynote round tables

-The problem of climate change: reality or fiction?
-Indigenous peoples and the relationship between their culture and biodiversity.

Work panels

-Projects related to climate change and its effects on biodiversity conservation cases from Mexico and around the world.
-Policies, programs, education and scientific research on climate change and biocultural heritage conservation.
-Women in biocultural heritage conservation.
-Economic, social, cultural and enviromental issues and impacts related to climate change and the use of biodiversity.

Activities in Cuetzalan

17th - 19th of Nov. 2017, Cuetzalan, Puebla

-Presentation of social organizations and economic, social and environmental issues, along with the regional impacts of climate change.
-Community tours and a variety of workshops and cultural activities with members of indigenous peoples’ organizations.

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